Catholic Identity

Religious Education is a Key Learning Area at St Pius X. This academic Religious Education Program, outlined by the Brisbane Catholic Education office and approved by Archbishop Mark Coleridge, has the purpose of nurturing, in each individual student, the skills, knowledge processes, attitudes and values characteristic of followers of Jesus who belong to the Catholic tradition.

The Vision for Religious Education in the Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane emphasises the two dimensions of Religious Education. This vision articulates St Pius X Primary School’s aspirations for students in terms of their religious literacy and faith formation. In that sense the Vision for Religious Education begins with “the end in mind”. 

Religious Education seeks to develop the religious literacy of students in light of the Catholic Christian tradition, so that they might participate critically and authentically in contemporary culture. Students become religiously literate as they develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions to interpret and use language confidently in and for faith contexts and the wider society.

Since 2008, the distinct and complementary nature of both dimensions of Religious Education has been​ conceptualised in the following Model for Religious Education.

 Religious Education.png

St Pius X Primary School seeks to understand and utilise the distinctiveness and complementarity of these two dimensions of Religious Education in the holistic education and the formation of students. Our school programs, activities and experiences for the classroom learning and teaching of religion and the religious life of the school are responsive to religious diversity, while being faithful to the Catholic Christian identity of the school.


Dimension 1: The Religion Curriculum

The Religion Curriculum P-12 (‘teaching people religion’) involves four strands: Sacred Texts, Beliefs, Church and Christian Life. These strands are interrelated and are taught in an integrated way that is appropriate to specific local contexts.

At St Pius X all classroom teachers plan collaboratively with the Assistant Principal - Religious Education (APRE) every term to develop engaging, purposeful and dynamic units of work which cater for our diverse learners. They engage in professional development in the teaching Religion to maintain accreditation requirements to teach Religion in a Catholic School.


Dimension 2: The Religious Life of the School

The Religious Life of the School P-12 is focused on the second dimension of Religious Education, commonly referred to as “teaching people to be religious in a particular way”. The Religious Life of the School P-12 comprises of four interrelated components: Religious Identity and Culture; Evangelisation and Faith Formation; Prayer and Worship; and Social Action and Justice. Each of these components, while mutually reinforcing, provides a significant focus on a distinctive aspect of the religious life of the school.

At St Pius X staff also engage in professional development regarding the religious life of the school which enables them to maintain their accreditation to teach in a Catholic school.

The St Pius X School Community maintains its authenticity as a Catholic school through:
  • Promoting a dynamic vision of God’s love
  • Recognizing and nurturing individual spirituality
  • Being a place of quality teaching and learning
  • Acting in partnership with families
The St Pius X school community lives out this special religious character through: 
  • Showing humility at all times and in all our actions
  • An awareness of need in our communities
  • A willingness to respond to need and injustice
  • A welcoming environment and an inclusive culture
  • A spirit of celebration both within our Catholic community and the broader community     
This is influenced by the spirituality and principles of St Pius X and the Sisters of St Joseph and St Mary of the Cross MacKillop.
As a Catholic School we at St Pius X embrace Christ as the central focus of our community and strive to live the gospel values as we aim to live out our school Mission statement. We also strive to live out our school motto ‘Christ in All' through all we say and do.

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